precast house foundations

Offsite Construction brings the advantages of improved quality, better Health & Safety, greater speed of construction and simpler construction processes to the building site.

Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd’s Precast House Foundation System is the result of the needs of the house building industry for a solution to the difficulties imposed upon them by spiralling labour rates, acute skills shortage and ever increasing performance demands (both time and economic).

The system combines precast concrete piling, precast concrete pile caps and precast concrete ground beams, manufactured under controlled factory conditions employing the very latest concrete technology, to produce a tailor made house foundation solution.


Advantages include:


  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Greater speed of construction
  • Higher standards of quality and reliability
  • Greater predictability of costs and programme
  • Less disruptions to the construction process (not weather dependent)
  • Reduced environmental impact (no spoil on site or wasted materials)
  • Simpler construction process
  • Reduced reliance on expensive, scarce traditional trades
  • All delivered in one sub-contract package