PRECAST CONCRETE PILING – the move to Zero Waste

Spoil and waste from piling operations can be a very costly aspect of all piling operations. Whether using bored or driven piles, the clean-up following completion of a piling contract should not be underestimated in terms of time, cost and the environmental impact.



The solution is Ireland’s first Zero Waste piling system – developed by Terradrive Piling.  Managing Director, Eddie Horkan explains “Clean up after piling operations is often a contentious issue as the responsibilities are generally not adequately defined at the outset of a piling job. Our focus on delivering Zero Waste piling is a direct response to the frustrations expressed by our customers. We want to bring the responsibilities for cleaning up after piling operations  to the forefront and solve the problem head on. Terradrive’s Zero Waste Piling provides certainty over the control and reduction of waste from piling and there are no costs for clean-up following our piling works as we take full responsibility for this element.”

The advantages of addressing these issues are not insignificant.  In fact the price of a piling project can be reduced by 10-15%, traffic movements into and from site can be reduced by 65%, and in addition a 40% saving can be made in respect of the embodied carbon within the piled foundations.