Mini-piling solutions are ideal for foundation problems such as:

  • In limited access locations such as house extensions and conservatories where spoil excavation and removal would be both difficult and expensive
  • In built up areas where noise and vibration are a consideration and are particularly costs effective when compared to conventional systems
  • In limited headroom locations within buildings for alterations to existing structures or for new work such a lift pits, machine bases, etc.
  • In all small piling contracts such as foundations for a single house where the cost of mobilising large equipment and the cost of the site preparation required would be a problem.





The Underpinning solutions available include a number of tried and tested systems incorporating Mini-Piling and reinforced concrete beams or slabs, some which can be carried out entirely from outside the existing building, minimising disruption and therefore cost.

Settlement or subsidence problems tend to be specific to a particular property so the underpinning solutions we propose are individually designed to suit.

The underpinning techniques can be used for the stabilisation of failing foundations or for the upgrading of foundations or slabs to allow increased capacity for a change of use.