news_2009414954_Terradrive_Greener_Piling_SystemsGreen and sustainable energy is important.  Within the construction sector, Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd recognises this and actively seeks greener solutions both in production and delivery for our clients.

Did you know that precast concrete driven piling has often been selected as the most appropriate foundations solution for windfarms based on health & safety, technical and environmental requirements.

Terradrive launched its “0-Carbon Footprint” system over 5 years ago.  The objective of a Zero Carbon Footprint system  is to evaluate, control and reduce the carbon emissions created by piling works. It also allows the company to offer environmentally-friendly foundations solutions, as all accounted emissions produced can be off-set.

It is estimated that the built environment in Ireland accounts for about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, without including the emissions created during the building process. Early research has also suggested that precast concrete driven piling creates less CO2 emission than other piling system. Using precast piling could therefore reduce your CO2 emissions from the start of the building project – a win for the environment and for you.