What’s in a CE Mark?

What’s in a CE Mark?

What’s in a CE Mark?

The familiar CE symbol on a product provides among other things, peace of mind.
In Ireland, under the Construction Product Regulation[1], in order for a product to be CE marked it requires a Declaration of Performance.  This Declaration indicates how the product performed when tested against the relevant basic requirement categories of the Construction Product Regulation.  When you choose Terradrive Piling, you are choosing a company that is proud to have the  CE symbol for all pre-cast concrete piles.

Terradrive piling

What does that mean?

  1. It removes any doubt about the quality of the pile because the manufacturing process has been independently verified;
  2. You know that the product is legally safe;
  3. You are protected from non-conforming products;
  4. You are protected from future shock issues arising from product deficiency claims;
  5. European Health & Safety and  Environmental Protection legislation has been met;
  6. Your client will see that quality is important to you.

Always look for the  CE mark and beware of falsified or misused quality markings on your construction products.

[1] The EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011 – CPR) lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and is directly applicable in its entirety in Irish law as of the 1st of July 2013.


The Move to Zero Waste

The Move to Zero Waste


PRECAST CONCRETE PILING – the move to Zero Waste

Spoil and waste from piling operations can be a very costly aspect of all piling operations. Whether using bored or driven piles, the clean-up following completion of a piling contract should not be underestimated in terms of time, cost and the environmental impact.



The solution is Ireland’s first Zero Waste piling system – developed by Terradrive Piling.  Managing Director, Eddie Horkan explains “Clean up after piling operations is often a contentious issue as the responsibilities are generally not adequately defined at the outset of a piling job. Our focus on delivering Zero Waste piling is a direct response to the frustrations expressed by our customers. We want to bring the responsibilities for cleaning up after piling operations  to the forefront and solve the problem head on. Terradrive’s Zero Waste Piling provides certainty over the control and reduction of waste from piling and there are no costs for clean-up following our piling works as we take full responsibility for this element.”

The advantages of addressing these issues are not insignificant.  In fact the price of a piling project can be reduced by 10-15%, traffic movements into and from site can be reduced by 65%, and in addition a 40% saving can be made in respect of the embodied carbon within the piled foundations.


Precast House Foundations

Precast House Foundations


‘Offsite Construction’ brings the advantages of improved quality, better Health & Safety, greater speed of construction and simpler construction processes to the building site.

Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd’s Precast House Foundation System is the result of the needs of the house building industry for a solution to the difficulties imposed upon them by spiralling labour rates, acute skills shortage and ever increasing performance demands (both time and economic).

The system combines precast concrete piling, precast concrete pile caps and precast concrete ground beams, manufactured under controlled factory conditions employing the very latest concrete technology, to produce a tailor made house foundation solution.

Advantages include;

  • Improved Health & Safety,
  • Greater speed of construction
  • Higher standards of quality and reliability,
  • Greater predictability of costs and programme,
  • Less disruptions to the construction process (not weather dependent),
  • Reduced environmental impact (no spoil on site or wasted materials),
  • Simpler construction process,
  • Reduced reliance on expensive, scarce traditional trades,
  • All delivered in one sub-contract package.

Restricted Access Piling

Restricted Access Piling


Restricted access piling utilises a wide range of mini and medium size piling rigs to install piles and foundations on restricted access sites.

If you have a property with piled or deep foundations, mini piling will often be less expensive than digging conventional foundations and without exception will always be quicker, easier and cleaner.
Many houses built in recent years have relatively deep foundations and very little working room around them making digging for foundations for extensions very difficult.

There can also be considerable risks of causing damage by digging close to your neighbour’s property or even your own.

The current high cost of removing and disposing of spoil makes mini piling very cost effective.
Our light and compact rigs can get around houses with very limited access. The larger rigs only needing a 900 mm (3 foot) wide pathway.


Mini-Piling & Under-Pinning

Mini-Piling & Under-Pinning



Mini-piling solutions are ideal for foundation problems such as:

  • In limited access locations such as house extensions and conservatories where spoil excavation and removal would be both difficult and expensive
  • In built up areas where noise and vibration are a consideration and are particularly costs effective when compared to conventional systems
  • In limited headroom locations within buildings for alterations to existing structures or for new work such a lift pits, machine bases, etc.
  • In all small piling contracts such as foundations for a single house where the cost of mobilising large equipment and the cost of the site preparation required would be a problem.



The Underpinning solutions available include a number of tried and tested systems incorporating Mini-Piling and reinforced concrete beams or slabs, some which can be carried out entirely from outside the existing building, minimising disruption and therefore cost.

Settlement or subsidence problems tend to be specific to a particular property so the underpinning solutions we propose are individually designed to suit.

The underpinning techniques can be used for the stabilisation of failing foundations or for the upgrading of foundations or slabs to allow increased capacity for a change of use.

Precast Concrete Driven Piling

Precast Concrete Driven Piling


Precast piling offers consistent quality from the first pile to the last which can be seen and verified prior to installation. Driven precast piles maintain their shape during installation. They do not bulge in soft soil conditions and are typically not susceptible to damage from the installation of subsequent piles.

They are cost effective, versatile, they improve ground conditions, are self proving, adaptable and environmentally friendly.

Health & Safety – a core value at Terradrive

Health & Safety – a core value at Terradrive

Terradrive_Piling_Safe_T_CertFor the second year in a row, Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd. has successfully achieved Safe-T-Cert accreditation.

Following on from the success of being the first Irish piling company to achieve Safe-T-Cert accreditation, Terradrive has increased its rating from level E to level D certification due to improvements in core ares of their Health & Safety Management Systems.

“Independent verification of our Health & Safety Management System is very important to Terradrive.”, explains Operations Director Seamus Byrne,”Third party assessment and review is critical to developing our system and leads to an open and transparent appraisal of our efforts.”

According to Managing Director Eddie Horkan, “The Safe-T-Cert validates our system and gives us the confidence to develop and improve our system and procedures, knowing that we are on the right track.”

Safe-T-Cert is widely recognised throughout the construction industry and is supported by the Construction Industry Federation and consequently by Ireland’s leading contractors. The scheme scrutinises a company’s Health & Safety Management System and uses ‘best practice’ national and international guidelines in assessing the competence of a company’s Health & Safety Management System.

Marie Buturla, Customer Relationship Executive at Terradrive, feels that Safe-T-Cert is pivotal in building trust with customers; “Safe-T-Cert is an immidiately recognisable standard, which allows our customers, and their clients, to have confidence in us as a responsible and competent contractor. Because we have gained Safe-T-Cert accreditation, our customers can trust us on their sites.”

The goal for Terradrive now is to devvelop and improve their systems to allow for a further increase in rating next year.

Greener Piling Solutions

Greener Piling Solutions

news_2009414954_Terradrive_Greener_Piling_SystemsGreen and sustainable energy is important.  Within the construction sector, Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd recognises this and actively seeks greener solutions both in production and delivery for our clients.

Did you know that precast concrete driven piling has often been selected as the most appropriate foundations solution for windfarms based on health & safety, technical and environmental requirements.

Terradrive launched its “0-Carbon Footprint” system over 5 years ago.  The objective of a Zero Carbon Footprint system  is to evaluate, control and reduce the carbon emissions created by piling works. It also allows the company to offer environmentally-friendly foundations solutions, as all accounted emissions produced can be off-set.

It is estimated that the built environment in Ireland accounts for about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, without including the emissions created during the building process. Early research has also suggested that precast concrete driven piling creates less CO2 emission than other piling system. Using precast piling could therefore reduce your CO2 emissions from the start of the building project – a win for the environment and for you.