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Terradrive’s product range offers a number of advantages including:




  • Pile modules are manufactured in controlled factory conditions – quality guaranteed.
  • Pile modules can be visually inspected prior to installation.
  • Installation method proves pile capacity- piles are installed to a prescribed set or resistance directly correlating to the load capacity.



  • No manual handling of component materials on site
  • No “wet” concrete work
  • No open bores or excavations
  • Piles are readily identifiable when installed
  • No spoil/loose material in piling area



  • Our location allows us to respond more quickly to client turnaround schedules.
  • Staff qualifications and experience ensure quality, speed, and a full understanding of project requirements.



  • Terradrive offers a great value for money. Our experience in the piling & foundations industry puts us on the first line in terms of innovation.
  • Our service delivery is underpinned by a strong value base.